Blanka Amezkua

It is a real gift to have found the Microcosms website that contains such valuable information with beautiful images that as a visual artist enrich me and offer me a singular and intense range to perceive the plant world. It is a truly unique approach. Since the appearance of Covid-19 in our lives, and thanks to a residency at the Hispanic Society in New York, I found the book that contains all the information regarding the Codex de la Cruz-Badiano. The codex was the first book describing the healing properties of American plants used by the Mexica. This work was finished (in terms of the written texts and drawings) on July 22, 1553. And now I can appreciate some of these plants mentioned in the codex within Microcosms. This beautiful tribute to the sacred plants of the Americas takes me into a world from which I will never want to leave. It is a distinctive resource, one that I will share, and I have no doubt that I will refer to it often. 

Blanka Amezkua, Visual Artist,

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