Ilana Berlowitz

Microcosms is a wonderful collection of exceptional plants. Browsing through the artful yet instructive contents and gazing at the otherworldly looking images of earthly plants, the observer’s experience indeed is an allusion to the gifts these plants have been offering or teaching humans since times immemorial – a sudden shift of perspective, an invitation to see familiar scenes with fresh eyes, a renewed awe for nature’s incessant layers of beauty and mystery. I appreciate this initiative attempting to honour the depths of plant worlds and Indigenous knowledge.

Dr. Ilana Berlowitz, University of Zurich / University of Bern, Switzerland. Author of “Teacher Plants — Indigenous Peruvian-Amazonian Dietary Practices as a Method for Using Psychoactives” and ‘“Tobacco Is the Chief Medicinal Plant in My Work’ Therapeutic Uses of Tobacco in Peruvian Amazonian Medicine Exemplified by the Work of a Maestro Tabaquero”.

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