Luis Eduardo Luna


Everything that exists harbors a depth not immediately perceptible, in turn part and fabric of a much larger inclusive reality. The tree is thus part forest, part shelter of an infinite number of surprising structures that, as in this case, are miraculously revealed through its own inner light.

These prodigious images add another layer to future memories. To the harsh roughness of the trunk, the yellow flowers and the multiple centipedes that make up the compound leaves of Anadenanthera colubrina, is now added a blue column flanked by green hairs and polyhedral cells, sometimes red, sometimes secretly keeping irregular squares in spherical globules. To Salvia divinorum, with its quadrangular stem, fragrant leaves and delicate violet flowers, we must add orange microscopic jellyfish and crepuscular cells of a universe perhaps only accessible to those who venture to consume it. Who could guess the presence of all these tiny treasures hidden in the bowels of these sacred plants venerated by Amerindian peoples, bearers of great secrets and profound journeys. Here is an entire encyclopedia of images to delve into again and again, thanks to the commitment and dedication of these friends of ours. Congratulations. Enjoy. 

Luis Eduardo Luna, Ph.D.

Director of Wasiwaska

Honorary Research Fellow, Exeter University, UK

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