Richard Kay

Microcosms works with layers of light. This is also how we at The Sentinel, through our plant-based medicine retreats, understand the process of the ever-expanding birth of consciousness. We may ask who is leading who in the symbiotic relationship between Plant-Teachers and humans with our pressing need to know ourselves. Like the waves on the shore, moment by moment, bit by bit, creating itself newly. There is pain in this birth. Even so, the joys overwhelm the pressures & life continues living and dying in each moment. As with Microcosms, when we start to understand the design, we may then begin to play inside this realm. We see those layers of light as the strands that link life together. Many are studying through the gifts in many forms that they bring–dreams, insights, revelation & inspiration, all united by the common element of creation.  So we may imagine this creation has its own energetic force that wishes to discover itself newly from nothing. For from nothing all things may exist. Since ayahuasca has made its presence more fully known in the western world over the last two decades, we have seen communities build and people come together, sharing of themselves. Like the mycelium that generates the health of a Forest, this social Connection generates the health of the species and breaks down the old paradigms that separate us & create suffering in the world. As we embrace this new way of being, healing occurs for the self, family & communities. Practice gratitude for all. As the revolution of the spirit comes into light. 

Richard Kay, The Sentinel

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