Andrea Pantoja

I have been able to explore the Microcosms website and I want to highlight some aspects that I consider important and valuable for the study and understanding of the role played by plants of power, not only in social life but also in the planetary ecosystem. First, the images presented, from a microscopic point of view, resize the plant structure to which we are accustomed, presents us with an interplay of colors and shapes, which only enhance the complexity of these plants and, in effect, present each of them as a microcosm, as an infinite universe of compositions. Second, the fact that it is possible to display an index of plants of power and obtain basic information, as well as the place where these plants are linked to the social and cultural life of human groups, is very valuable for all those who are beginning to seek knowledge about the plants of power, or for those who wish to have a guide on hand. Third, in general terms, the effort seems to me very important, because it reveals a scientific and affectionate link on the part of the webpage’s creators, who wish to share with the rest of us, their approaches to this dimension of plant life.

Andrea Pantoja, author of Soy sabia, hija de los niños santos: mística y conocimiento en María Sabina (I am wise, daughter of the holy children: mysticism and knowledge in María Sabina).

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