Carlos Castaño-Uribe

Science and art are not only more united today in their methodology, they also reinforce each other through the patterns of human perception that push us to the exploration of the environment around us.  Whether it is digital art or scientific microscopy, the approach of the microcosm is a gateway to the fascinating world of the unknown and is embellished, in this case, with this tribute to the Sacred Plants of the Americas, as Jill Pflugheber and Steven F. White allow us to see by means of their optical and vegetal art.  Perhaps this is a new opportunity to dignify the wonder and acuity of human observation for the unattainable and our intellectual wonder for the sacredness of life when seen from another perspective.

Carlos Castaño-Uribe, Science Director, Fundación Herencia Ambiental Caribe, author of Arqueología de visiones y alucinaciones del cosmos felino y chamanístico de Chiribiquete.

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