Liliana Cortés-Garzón

About the website: Microcosms: A Homage to Sacred Plants of the Americas.

The website Microcosms: A Homage to the Sacred Plants of the Americas contains a series of plants, which, in a scientific way, are scientifically listed and described; it becomes a reference of great importance for the study of their components, as well as the effects and uses of cultural character in societies throughout the Americas.  As a contemporary herbarium that not only lists the plants, but also defines them and proposes cultural uses in American societies, the website gathers experiences and cultural uses from distant times to our contemporary moment. 

Hallucinogenic plants are approached from transdisciplinary experiences. The website proposes a form of documentary classification; it facilitates a reflection on possible criteria of documentation, which, for ongoing global research, means taking into account the use, practices and traditional knowledge of these plants. Microcosms enters into an analysis of the authors that are reviewed on the website and provides a large bibliographic base that facilitates this type of research. Although its structure is not that of an encyclopedia, the idea of the review, the case study and the author’s reflections, turns the website into a documentary compendium of interest for our research around the world.

Liliana Cortés Garzón, PhD in Art, Autonomous University of Barcelona


Historian, Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá. Postgraduate work in Aesthetics Theory and Contemporary Art. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and Joan Miró Foundation. Master’s Degree in Art. Doctorate in Art at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Doctoral thesis: Amazónicos: un estudio de pintores amazónicos actuales (AMAZONICOS. A study of current Amazonian painters), 2015. Research experience in contemporary art problems in Colombia, Latin America and the world. Gender studies, women in antiquity in the ancient and current world. She has presented several artistic and historical exhibitions. She has conducted research for art exhibitions and documentaries. She was the coordinator of research and support for teaching, humanities and organization of events. She is a specialist in knowledge networks and serves as Director of the independent project Proyecto Sur, a platform for research on south-south relations.


Cortés-Garzón, L (2015) Amazónicos: un estudio de pintores amazónicos actuales. Doctoral thesis, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Department of Art and Musicology.

Cortés- Garzón, L (2021) “Microrregiones estéticas: disputas y resistencias visuales indígenas en la amazonia contemporánea” | In: Revista Cuadernos de Música, Artes Visuales y Artes Escénicas (

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