Neil Logan

Are these the fingerprints of the gods? Peel back the waxy cuticle and peer into what underpins a sacred leaf. Human communion with these plants has resulted in profoundly life-affirming experiences. Simply viewing one of these works of art is a journey into alien worlds of unimaginable machinery. Each one uniquely structured to perform their metabolic and ecological functions generating their respective unique signatures. This technological art form offers a new and exciting lens into a previously invisible realm of life. 

As I view these Microcosms images, I am reminded of the forest people who have acted as gate keepers to this knowledge. Without them we would know very little of the ecological trans-kingdom ambassadors. After all, it is the cultural and ecological context that gives meaning to these sacred gifts. It is all our responsibility to protect the forest, support its Indigenous inhabitants, and repair the damage we have done.  

Neil Logan, (

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